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Upstander Behavior Begins with Education
Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum Experience Fund

Last year more than 34,000 students from local and regional schools walked through our doors and learned invaluable lessons on the impact of unchecked hatred and racism. However, not every child in our community has the opportunity to visit the Dallas Holocaust Museum. The cost, while reasonable for most, is problematic or completely impossible for many at-risk and economically disadvantaged students.

Give the Gift of Education – Fund a Student Scholarship to Visit the Museum  

Title I qualified students groups and economically disadvantaged student groups may apply for a scholarship to cover tour and program costs. Begun in 2013, this program is now funding more than 18,000 students annually in school districts all over North Texas. Through the Museum Experience Fund, our goal is to ensure that every student --regardless of financial circumstance--can learn the history of the Holocaust and human rights and their invaluable, timely lessons.

A recently commissioned independent study revealed that a visit to the Museum had a significant impact on students’ attitudes and tolerance levels.  Following a visit to the Museum:

  • 57% of middle school students and 31% of high school students had an increased understanding that bystander behavior has a negative impact
  • 35% of middle school and high school students have an increased sense of how their behavior influences others
  • 83% of the teachers said their students were more willing to stand up for others

Your donation to the Museum Experience Fund can have a powerful, positive impact on students’ lives.

Please consider a gift today to allow us to share this experience with more students from our region.  Thank you for your continuing support of the Museum. For more information, contact Sabrina Miranda, Grant Officer, at




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An Immersive, Interactive Journey Unlike Any Other

Please join us for a visit. Unforgettable doesn't begin to describe the experience.