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The Color of Memory: Art by Two Daughters of the Holocaust

The Color of Memory: Art by Two Daughters of the Holocaust includes the work of Julie Meetal and Veronique Jonas, whose paintings and sculptures embody the searing effect of the Holocaust on their families and on the Jews of Europe during World War II.

The artists employ different styles to achieve their aims. Meetal paints imaginatively, creating a dream-like nexus of figures, symbols, and saturated color, while Jonas paints with a heightened realism to depict the buildings of the Jewish quarter of Rhodes.

For Meetal and Jonas, their art expresses the personal and emotional repercussions of the Holocaust for their parents and for them. Through their eyes, the viewer is able to understand the Holocaust not just as history, but as the story of real families and specific individuals.

For more information about this exhibition available for travel, visit ColorofMemory.com or contact the artists at info@colorofmemory.com.

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