About the Museum

Board of Directors

2021 Board of Directors

Mark Zilbermann, Chairperson
Frank Risch, Immediate Past Chair
Lee Elizabeth Michaels, Vice Chair
Mary Pat Higgins, President and CEO
Ike Brown, Vice President
Steven P. Rosenberg, Treasurer
Christopher M. Williams, Assistant Treasurer
Melanie Kuhr, Secretary
Thear Suzuki, Assistant Secretary

Elected/Appointed Members of Executive Committee
David B. Ackerman, Chair of Endowment Foundation
Mark Zoradi, Chair of Marketing Committee
Neil Goldberg, Chair of Development Committee
Kenneth W. Wimberly, Chair of Program Committee
Peter A. Kraus, Chair of Current Issues Committee
Michele Valdez, Appointed
Julia Wada, Appointed

Rivka Altman
Cristina Barbosa
Jarrod Bassman
Jarrod Beck
Cecily Bolding
Beth Bull
Sara Garcia Duran
Lauren Embrey
Janiece Evans-Page
Edwin Flores
Ronit Ilan
Lauren Leahy
Caren Lock
A. Ravi Malick
The Honorable Ann Margolin
Yana Mintskovsky
Larry Mondry
Cindy Moskowitz
Shula Netzer
Tracey Preston
A. Steven Raab
Katherine Perot Reeves
Jolene F. Risch
Josh Roseman
Melissa Rubel
Hernan Saenz
The Honorable Florence Shapiroᴾ
Neisha Strambler-Butler
Whitney Strauss
Sam L. Susser
Charmaine A. Tang
Paul von Wupperfeld
Abigail Williams

Lifetime Directors
David Bellᴾ
Marsha Gaswirth
Max Glaubenᴾ
Thomas S. Halseyᴾ
James M. Hogueᴾ
Hylton L. Jonasᴾ
Nate Levine
Zsuzsanna Ozsvath, PhD
Stan Rabin
Michael Schiffᴾ
Larry Schoenbrun
Ronald G. Steinhart
Stephen Waldmanᴾ

P = Past Chair

An Immersive, Interactive Journey Unlike Any Other

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