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“This visit has inspired me to no longer sit back and just watch something happen because it doesn’t involve me. I have realized it is me and my generation’s job to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Macie, 8th grade student visitor

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“Your support allows us to make our community stronger and better.” Mary Pat Higgins, President and CEO

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Caroline and David B. Ackerman

Eddie Ackerman

Ken Altshuler

Ruth Andres

Dr. Annette Bamberger-Perkins and Dr. Steve Perkins

Miriam and Mitchell Barnett

Drs. Michelle and Benjamin Bassichis

Lester V. Baum

Janet and Jeffrey Beck

Shiva and Jarrod Beck

Pamela and John Beckert

Betty Jo and David Bell

Flauren and Jason Bender

Rolene and Martin Berk

Dr. Joseph and Julie Meetal Berman

Darla and Del Blair

Elizabeth N. Blunt

Rebecca and Allen Bodzy

Denise and Bart Bookatz

Inette and Joshua Brown

Candy and Ike Brown

Elizabeth and Ed Bull

Suzanne and Jerry Candy

Bruce Chemel

Kathi and Chris Child


Judy and Sam Coats

Lori and Michael Cohen

Serena and Tom Connelly

Suzy and Reuben Davidsohn

Malcolm and Lois Davidson

Sara and Michael Duran

Fran and David Eisenberg

Patricia Fagadau

Evey and Chip Fagadau

Cecelia and Stanley Feld

Cynthia and Robert Feldman

Arlene and Allen Feltman

Chitra and Joshua Fine

Laura and Roy Fleischmann

Terry Flenniken

Rebecca and Barron Fletcher

Sharon and Steve Folsom

Michelle and Marshall Funk

Cheryl and Paul Gardner

Patty and Elliott Garsek

Marsha Gaswirth

Lisa and Jeffrey Genecov

Lawrence D. Ginsburg

Norma and Jeffrey Glass

Craig and Cathy Glick Family

Igor Glubochansky

Rita Sue and Alan Gold

Lauran and Robert Goldberg

Debbie and Ronald Greene

Elaina and Gary Gross

Jerri and Fred Grunewald

Ronald and Jacqueline Terris Gwinn

Dolph Haas

Leslie Hagin and Michael Subit

Nancy and Jeremy Halbreich

Liz and Tom Halsey

Morgan Hare

Elizabeth and Daniel Healy

Karlyn and Grant Herlitz

Mary Pat and Lance Higgins

Lyda Hill

Ynette and Jim Hogue


Gary N. Horowitz

Mark E. Jacobs

Veronique and Hylton Jonas

Estate of Karl and Renate Kahn

Gertrude Kahn

Leslie and David Katz

Judy and Harold Kaye

Sheryl and Chris Kelley

Douglas M. Klahr

Amy and Howard Klion

Leslie and Bob Krakow

Summer and Michael Krywucki

Melanie H. Kuhr

Kerri and Peter Lai

Catherine and Paul Lake

Lauren Leahy and Mo Alturk

Liza and William Lee

Barbara and Stan Levenson

Diane Brown and Don Leverty

Ann and Nate Levine

Malia and David Litman

Elaine and Michael Lowenkron

Melissa Lowenkron

A. Ravi Malick

Bobbi and Richard Massman

Paula A. Menendez

Esther and Michael Meyers

Lee and Paul Michaels

Tricia and Dr. Paul Michaelson

Paulette and Brendan Miniter

Sandy Nachman

Meryl and Scott Nason

Alice and Erle Nye

Ann and Michael Ochstein

Patrick O'Keeffe

Donna and Larry Olschwanger

Janet and Edward Ostrovitz

Elaine and Trevor Pearlman

Lucilo A. Peña and Lee A. Cobb

Stanley M. Peskind

Carol and Harold Pinker

Laurie and Todd Platt

Carol and Daniel Podolsky

Karen Polan

Reesa and Kenneth Portnoy

Lauri and Irving Prengler

Myra and Stuart Prescott

Elizabeth Price

Drs. Gloria and Kenneth Price

Janice and Richard Pullman

Helene and Ronnie Raphael

Terry and Joel Ray

Katherine and Eric Reeves

Betty Regard

Mary Beth and Craig Reid

Gloria and Lionel Reiman

Helen and Frank Risch

Jolene Risch

Debbie Robinowitz

Catherine and William Rose

Sheri and Andrew Rosen

Ruthy and Steven Rosenberg

Katty and Julio Rosenstock

Rosalyn G. Rosenthal

Stephanie Ross

Steven Roth

Rebecca Royall

Melissa and Matthew Rubel

Marilyn Geller and Donald H. Schaffer

Mary and Martin Schaffer

Michael B. Schiff, Sr.

Celia and Larry Schoenbrun

Kathryn and Andrew Schultz

Howard Schultz

Laurie and John Scott

The Honorable Florence and Howard Shapiro

Daphne and Jay Shipowitz

Sally Pian and Ira Silverman

Lisa Simmons

Samantha Simons

Joan and Jerome Skibell

Cynthia and Stuart Spechler

Lynn and A. Jay Staub

Marianne and Roger Staubach

Phyllis and Ron Steinhart

Barbara and Arnie Stokol

Thear and Eric Suzuki

Daphne and David Sydney

Charmaine and George Tang

Raquel and Michael Thornton

Sandi and Stanley Tidwell

Amy Titus

Margery and Jim Tolbert

Sherilee and Richard Trubitt

Michele Valdez and Gary Kennedy

Ingeborg and Samuel Vastola

Sandra and David Veeder

Brooke and Jason Villalba

Julia Wada and Randy Rubin

Jackie and Stephen Waldman

Alison and Michael Weinstein

Donna Arp Weitzman and Herb Weitzman

Bonnie and Jeffrey Whitman

Karen and Christopher Williams

Kathianne and Brian Williams

Linda and Ken Wimberly

Gay Winter

Linda Wisch-Davidsohn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolf

Linda and Michael Wolfson

Barbara and Donald Zale

Peggy and Mark Zilbermann

An Immersive, Interactive Journey Unlike Any Other

Please join us for a visit. Unforgettable doesn't begin to describe the experience.