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Programs for Professionals

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum offers learning opportunities for professionals in the community.


Connect with the Museum and our mission by engaging in our learning opportunities for professionals and community groups. We are pleased to offer an array of programs and resources that provide fact-based education about the ramifications of unchecked hatred and equips participants with the tools and means to combat it.

Through historical reflection, we encourage individuals to stand up for justice and challenge them to become a force for good in their communities. Together, we can inspire Upstanders!

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Lessons from the Holocaust for Legal Professionals
With the Holocaust as its historical framework, this training explores the concept of choice within the legal profession. Participants will discuss the role and impact of their profession in Nazi Germany. They will also examine unconscious bias in the workplace. Lawyers, attorneys, and judicial officials will be challenged to reflect upon their professional and ethical responsibilities in society.

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is a non-accredited CLE course sponsor. This course has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of Texas Committee on MCLE in the amount of 3 credit hours, of which 3 credit hours will apply to legal ethics/professional responsibility credit.

Lessons from the Holocaust for Law Enforcement Professionals
This program enables law enforcement officers and recruits to think critically about their own professional and personal choices and ethics. Using the paradigm of the Holocaust as a starting point, participants are encouraged to examine their profession in a new light, exploring Holocaust and human rights history and reflecting on the implications of implicit bias today.

For more information, email education@dhhrm.org.

Lessons from the Holocaust for Health Professionals
This program encourages health professionals to discuss the concept of personal and professional choice. The program explores the role and impact of their profession during the Holocaust and challenges doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers to reflect upon their professional, ethical, and personal responsibilities in society.

For more information, email education@dhhrm.org.

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