Corporate Support

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is proud to partner with local and national corporations on building a socially conscious business community.


The Museum’s mission has never been more relevant than it is today.

Violence and intolerance don’t happen overnight or without warning. Ordinary people can stand up along the way to stop it. The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum teaches visitors how to recognize the signs and stand up to hatred and prejudice.

By partnering with the Museum, you are investing in the future of our society.

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum has several ways for you to align your brand with the Museum’s and demonstrate your company’s commitment to teaching against hate and creating a world of Upstanders – those who see something wrong and work to make it right.   

The Museum’s Business Partner Program and corporate sponsorships offer unique ways to get involved and engage with our mission, enhance your brand’s visibility, and extend exclusive perks to your clients and employees.

Join our growing group of leading companies in the area and consider partnership through the following ways:

Interested in hosting a private event at the Museum? Our premier venue and its unique architectural designs offer a superb backdrop for any occasion.

Whether it’s an intimate reception or national conference, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum’s professional staff will work closely with you to create a meaningful experience for you and your guests.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Adams, Corporate Giving Officer, at

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