Photocopy and Scan Policy

1. While we are happy to make copies and scans, please be conscientious about the selections you make for photocopy and scan requests. Staff time and Museum resources are at a premium.

2. Please fill out a photocopy / scan request form, indicating whether the photocopies are for publication, personal study or for another purpose.

3. Be sure to capture the bibliographic / citation information for each book or manuscript you are requesting.

4. Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum staff reserve the right to deny requests if the item in question has preservation challenges.

5. Material may be quoted or reproduced for private or educational use without prior permission as long as a proper citation is given.

Any commercial use of material housed in the archives or library of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is prohibited without prior permission from the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

1. For government information about copyright law please visit: http://www.copyright.gov/

2. The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum reserves the right to refuse to accept a copy/ scan requests if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

3. A scan or photocopy, even if for a publication, does not indicate a transfer of copyright.

Photocopy/ scan requests:

1. For photocopy and scans cost $.15 cents per copy or scan.

2. Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum staff reserve the right to deny a photocopy request based on preservation challenges, limited staff time, or copyright concerns.

3. For mailed photocopies, a $5.00 shipping and handling fee will apply.

4. Patrons will receive an invoice for shipped copy requests.

5. Patrons who hold a Friends and Family membership ($250.00 / year) or above receive photocopies and scans as a membership benefit.

Scanning requests:

1. For high resolution scan requests, if the item is for personal use, the request will incur a $2.00 per scan charge.

2. When scanning for publication, the following pricing structure will apply:     

Publication Type
Print & non-web publications (books, pamphlets, journals, posters, cards, videos, dvd’s, films)
Non-profit: $10
Commercial: $50

Web-only publications
Non-profit: $5
Commercial: $25

3. Those requesting a scan will be asked to fill out a photocopy/ scan request form.

Research Requests:

1. Research requests which require extended staff time will incur a $25.00/hour research fee after the first hour.

2. Patrons will receive an invoice for the research fee and incurred photocopy/scan fees.

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