Statement on Termination of Two Police Officers in Southlake, Texas

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum commends the actions of Chief James Brandon and the Southlake Police Department in terminating two officers involved in an incident in which a swastika was drawn during a meeting. The swastika was – and is – the most recognizable symbol of Nazi rule. It evoked fear in their victims and remains a symbol of mass murder, oppression, and blind hatred. No depiction of such a symbol should ever be misinterpreted as humorous or innocent.

Germany’s police helped the Nazis to strengthen their control, deport and murder Jews, and persecute others. This history cannot be ignored with respect to the actions of the two Southlake officers. Incidents like this have the ability to erode public trust in the men and women who are sworn to serve and protect our neighborhoods each day.

Only through education can we continue to ensure that our community understands the historical significance of hate symbols and their intended messages and targets. We must all denounce antisemitism and speak out whenever a swastika is used. To learn more about the history of antisemitism, please explore our Tool Kit for Confronting Antisemitism.

– Mary Pat Higgins, President and CEO
– Lee Michaels, Board Chair

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