Statement on Harassment of Dallas City Council Member

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum strongly condemns the harassment of Dallas City Council member, Cara Mendelsohn, which has been ongoing for months and culminated in the vandalism of her home with vile antisemitic graffiti on Saturday. This is part of a horrendous worldwide surge in antisemitism which has particularly and cruelly targeted Jewish students in our secondary schools and colleges in the U.S.

Democracy depends on the peaceful engagement of all its citizens. We must safeguard our democracy and ensure that no one is targeted for their religious or political beliefs or for fulfilling their duties as elected officials.

We condemn hatred in every form and must find ways to peacefully disagree. We must find ways to have civil discourse to address the complex issues we face locally, nationally, and internationally. Bullying, harassing, assaulting, and attacking those with whom we disagree are never the solution. We cannot stand for this, and we must be better than this.

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is proud of its mission to teach the history of the Holocaust and advance human rights to combat prejudice, hatred, and indifference. Our work has never been more important. To learn more, visit www.dhhrm.org.

– Mary Pat Higgins, President and CEO
– Lee Michaels, Board Chair

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