Important Joint Statement on the Vandalism at the Florida Holocaust Museum

We unequivocally condemn the cowardly and despicable act of vandalism at The Florida Holocaust Museum on May 27. The abhorrent graffiti and hateful rhetoric that defaced the museum is an act of antisemitism, hatred and violence targeting Jews.

We will not be intimidated or waver in the mission of each of our organizations to educate on the dangers of unchecked hate. Holocaust education increases empathy, improves open-mindedness to differing viewpoints, and creates a greater sense of social responsibility and willingness to stand up to negative stereotyping and discrimination.

The lessons of the Holocaust remain relevant today because Nazi Germany’s ultimate hatred shows how far human beings are willing to go to destroy those who are different from themselves. We need to understand what happens when hatred and prejudice is not stopped.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit our museums each year. The most important lesson we teach about the Holocaust is that history is made through a series of choices and that every choice has a consequence. Choices by individuals have power. At a time when hate crimes and antisemitism are on the rise, we fervently encourage everyone to denounce antisemitic and all hate speech, hate groups and acts of violence.

Mary Pat Higgins
President & CEO
Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

Rabbi Eli Mayerfeld
Holocaust Memorial Center, Michigan

Dr. Kelly J. Zúñiga
Holocaust Museum Houston

Beth Kean
Holocaust Museum LA

Susan Abrams
Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Jack Kliger
President & CEO
Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, New York

Elizabeth Gelman
Executive Director
The Florida Holocaust Museum

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