• "This is an experience more than a museum. An experience that links your personal experience to that of millions and brings what happened into perspective. It is one of the most engaging museums that I’ve been to and really pushes the boundaries of what a museum is. Overall it is a Great museum that is highly educational and easy to interact with. Some museums bore you with endless facts and figures, yet this one was very well designed and was engaging right from the start and all the way until the end. The subject was respected and touched upon areas that I’ve not seen in other Holocaust museums."
  • "This new expanded museum is even more powerful. The additions of being an upstander, genocides around the world, and Human Rights Amendments add a new level."
  • "I cried a lot at the museum, but found it all very tasteful and inspiring. I saw my grandparents’ stories and names and has a chance to reflect. The hologram of Max Glauben felt so real. Thank you for doing what you do. It’s really remarkable to see a museum that connects the Holocaust with other genocides and helps us relate to these realities throughout history (some all too recent). Just wanted to say thank you. I have been to many Holocaust museums, but yours is the first that made me cry, but also feel hopeful at the same time. Such a tasteful and refined presentation of facts."
  • "Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to come in early, meet Max, and enjoy the incredibly informative and compelling exhibits in the museum. It sparked so much emotion, conversation, and really helped to provide a platform for us to continue the conversation in the afternoon around diversity, inclusion, and being an employer for ALL of our People. I heard several people talking about ways they want to do things differently in their restaurants and regions. The Q&A with Max was outstanding. I am in awe that we have such technology, and that set the tone for our mindset as we widened our lens around the Holocaust and Civil Rights."
  • "Thank you for a wonderful experience at this museum. I must admit that I did not have dry eyes at times when walking through the exhibits. Amazing and educational experience!"
  • "A visit to the museum was on our 15 year old’s birthday list so we took a trip with the family. I’ve always been curious about the Holocaust because my grandfather served in the US Army during WWII and my grandmother emigrated from war torn Austria.
    Though our son wanted to process the exhibits out loud and ask questions, I found myself unable to speak because of the need to really sit with all my emotions in response to the reality of the Holocaust.
    I love the lessons presented throughout the exhibits. We’ll definitely need to take a second visit because we hit our limit towards the end.
    Very respectful, powerful and relevant. We left feeling there are meaningful ways we can contribute to the prevention of a repeated, horrific history."
  • "We went to the Museum on Friday and it was absolutely wonderful!!! Filled with insights and so much education. We loved hearing from Max at the end and the cinema film was a great way to get started. Couldn't have asked for a better event...Truly Memorable. They have so much to offer. I want everyone to get a chance and go and learn!!!”
  • “We visited the museum Sunday afternoon.  It's a powerful and important experience. I need to go to the museum periodically.  ‘Never forget...’”
  • “Really can’t wait to visit someday. My husband and I are staying very quarantined for now, but thought this membership might help show our support from afar. Hope we’ll be able to visit in person in the not too distant future. Best of luck with the reopening. Stay safe.”
  • “Just a quick note to say "thanks" for the tickets as my family thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the museum this afternoon.  While we definitely need to return for some additional time exploring, we did very much enjoy many of the exhibits including the hologram chat with Max as well as the photos and artifacts in the civil rights exhibition.  The museum itself is beautiful and the staff that we interacted with during our visit was professional and most helpful."
  • "Excellent museum. Many well done video exhibits. The very unique hologram exhibit allows one to interact with a survivor as though they are actually sitting in front of you; very clever and well done. The new building is beautiful and a walkable distance from Klyde Warren Park. Having been to Holocaust Museums in many cities, including Berlin, I found the exhibits and information in the Dallas museum to be outstanding."
  • "Wonderful museum. Very well done. So much information and very informative. Great mix of reading,  videos and personal testimonys. Great for a rainy day! You could spend hours inside there is so much."
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