Collection Development Policy for Books

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum provides access to rare books, manuscripts, and artifacts while preserving them for future generations. To that end, the Museum is interested in acquiring books pertaining to the Holocaust and World War II to add to our expanding library collection.

Requirements for Acceptance

In order for books to be accepted into the Museum library they must be related to the Holocaust or World War II. If the books are not new when donated, they need to be in good to like-new condition. For example, books with torn or missing pages, loose bindings, broken spines, mold, water or food damage, highlighting, written notes is margins, or damage from pests will not be accepted.

If the Museum already has a copy of a book the archivist will determine if an additional copy is needed. If it is determined that an additional copy is not needed, the book will not be accepted into the library and will be either returned to the donor or disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Donation Process

Collection policy mandates that the Museum can only accept materials as donations and not as temporary or permanent loans. Donors are asked to sign a Library Donation Form, which is a donation agreement that formally signifies the books become the actual property of the Museum. Our Archivist will discuss any special needs or concerns with you before completion of the donation agreement, and can provide you with personal copies of the completed paperwork.

In certain circumstances, a donor may be able to take a tax donation, which should be discussed with a tax accountant or attorney. The archivist and other Museum employees cannot give tax advice, nor are they permitted to appraise the monetary value of a donation. Donors must arrange for and bear the cost of any appraisal.

The Museum’s library is under the direction of our Archivist, Felicia Williamson, MLIS, CA. If you are considering donating items to the Museum, it is important that our archivist be permitted to survey the books to determine their condition and fit with the Museum library collection policies.

Contact Information
The Archivist can best assist you if you make an appointment in advance, and will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Felicia Williamson, MLIS, CA
Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
300 N. Houston St
Dallas, TX 75202
469-399-5220 Direct

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