Outreach Programs & Online Lessons

All online and outreach programs are offered free of charge to educators and students.

Online Lessons

The Education Team created free 4 TEKS-aligned online lessons that educators can use on an e-learning platform. Each lesson includes a teacher lesson plan, student lesson instructions, an instructional video for students, and shareable student worksheets.

Outreach Programs

The Education Team provides 5 interactive outreach programs with one of our Museum Educators that can be brought to the classroom. These programs can be video conference (Zoom) to your classroom or to your students if your school is closed.

Online Resources Library

The Education team provides a library of free online resources to be used in your digital classroom! The online library provides educational resources from infographics to learning tips for students and educators to download.

Online Video ToolBox

The online video toolbox provides quick bite videos for students and educators on interesting historical topics or learning guidelines and tips.


1.5 million Jewish children were killed during the Holocaust. The Every Child Has a Name Legacy Project will remember these children through research and creative thought.

Questions? Contact Claire Robinson, Museum Educator, at [email protected].

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