Educator Resources

Explore all the educational tools and resources to prepare your students to visit the Museum.

Additional Resources

The Education Team created the following additional resources that can be used in the classroom to supplement the Teacher Guide or other curricula.

Student Project

1.5 million Jewish children were killed during the Holocaust. The Every Child Has a Name Legacy Project will remember these children through research and creative thought.

Teacher's Guide

The TEKS- and curriculum-aligned Teacher’s Guide helps educators prepare their students for a visit to the Museum. The guide includes teaching guidelines, pre-visit lesson activities, Museum field trip guides, post-visit lesson activities, and teaching resources.

Field Trip Guides

Our team of TEA-certified Museum Educators has created a set of TEKS- and grade-aligned worksheets that serve as Field Trip Guides for your student to use while touring the main exhibition. These Field Trip Guides are essential to fully engaging with the exhibition and will enhance the students’ experience at the Museum.

Field Trip Guide Facts

  • Teachers must pre-print the Field Trip Guides at school for each student. The Museum will not provide or print worksheets at the Museum.
  • The Museum will provide clipboards and pencils upon arrival.
  • All Field Trip Guides conclude with a map of the Museum to aid students in finding the location of their worksheet activities.
  • The Museum’s docents are trained to recognize the Field Trip Guides and assist your students as needed.

Download Field Trip Guides

An Immersive, Interactive Journey Unlike Any Other

Please join us for a visit. Unforgettable doesn't begin to describe the experience.